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  • Plus-size design who shed 240LBS to 'save'

    Plus-size design who shed 240LBS to 'save' her style profession admits her stomach sleeve and skin elimination surgeries were 'the most agonizing journey of my whole life'

    The plus-size design who famously dropped 240lbs after being told by a worker on an airline company that she had to purchase another seat on the airplane, is opening up about the surgery that assisted her reach her goals.

    Rosie Mercado, 36, of Los Angeles was at her top weight of 410 pounds - with 70-inch hips- in 2011 when the embarrassing event happened, and was enough to kick start the model's journey to health.

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  • State hey there to the new faces of plus size

    Ashley Graham stormed down the runway at New York Fashion Week and graced the cover of Sports Illustrated, Tess Holliday led a project with H&M, and Iskra Lawrence made headlines with her sassy Instagram posts.

    So far, we’ve heard fairly little about the plus size men of the modelling world. Isn’t it about time we turned our attention to the guys who are smashing beauty stereotypes? Check out this about plus size evening maxi dresses .

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  • Size-28 Blogger Completely Schools Haters Who Assault

    Often you're so depressingly predicable, it makes me want to hibernate till the next ice age and then wake up and help construct a new society based on not being an asshole. This is the earth we're all stuck on, so let's move forward!

    Cailey Darling, a gorgeous and badass style blog writer, posted some photos of herself in a swimwear and because she's a woman on the internet, people felt comfortable commenting on her body. (JK, people would still comment on her body if that were the case too!).

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